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Zensah Seamless Power Running Jacket - 9410

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Zensah Seamless Power Running Jacket - 9410
Item # 9410-Pink-M
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Zensah Seamless Power Running Jacket - 9410

  • - Brand -: Zensah
  • - Size -: Varies
  • - Age group -: Adult

Key Features and Specs

Anti-Microbial | Moisture Wicking | Breathable and Thermal Regulating | Seamless Technology | Graduated Compression | Anti-Chafing | Ultra Compression | Reflective
  • Moisture wicking and anti-microbial fabric
  • Ultra breathable
  • Zipper garage
  • Thumboholes for extra comfort and warmth
  • Secure back zipper pocket
  • Reflective logos for extra visibility
  • Seamless design for optimal comfort
  • Made of 93%Polyamide, 7% Spandex

About the Product

The Women's Power Running Jacket by Zensah features a seamless design to prevent chafing.

The innovative women's running jacket also has reflective logos for increased visibility at night. Runners are able to stash their car keys or energy gels in the back pocket while running. The running jacket also features a vibrant colored zipper and thumb holes.

The women's running jacket is available in 6 different color combinations.

Whether used during your early morning runs and in colder weather, warm up with the best women's running jacket - The Zensah Seamless Power Running Jacket.

Seamless Jacket

S 0 - 4
M 6 - 10
L 12 - 16
: *
: *
: *

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